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"Bear one anothers burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ." (Galatians 6:2)

Stephen Ministry is a non-denominational program, founded in 1975, to provide confidential, caring ministry to those experiencing life difficulties. Over 13,000 churches have adopted the Stephen Ministry program. Commissioned Stephen Ministers have received over 50 hours of training and meet monthly for continued training and for confidential peer reviews, typically the 2nd Thursday of every month at the church.

Stephen Ministers and Care Receivers will meet for one hour weekly, based on a mutually agreed on time and place, often in the Care Receiver’s home.
BUMC has had an active Stephen Ministry program since 2018 and has provided over 2000 hours of one-on-one, confidential, Christian care to BUMC, edges, and community members, who are experiencing life challenges. The Stephen Ministry program is designed to provide high-quality, one-to-one, Christ-centered care to people in the congregation and the community experiencing life difficulties.

Individuals who are going through a difficult time and would like to consider receiving confidential, Christian care should contact Steve Cass or Lynda Bailey to talk about how a Stephen Ministry Caring Relationship may help them.

Meet the team.

Bob Bailey

"It's a humbling experience to see how spending one hour with an individual over a short period of time can help restore their spirit and faith. My life has been enriched by this simple caring act." 

Claire Waldron

"I think the The Byrds’ 1965 recording of Turn, Turn, Turn perfectly captures what Stephen Ministry is about. Pete Seeger’s song was based on the text of Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. For our brothers and sisters who are experiencing those painful times and seasons of life described in these verses, Stephen Ministers provide care and support in time of need."

George Daniels

"I love helping people, and Stephen Ministry training has shown me how to be the best listener I can be."

Jenny Merritt Cole

"I love being a part of Stephen Ministry because it provides a safe space for hurting people who are going through a rough time. A lifeboat for someone who may be drowning in pain."

Keith Davis

"Stephen Ministry has allowed me to bring some of Christ's love and hope to people that are hurting.  It is also a great support for the church's pastors by expanding the caring capacity of the church." 

Linda Mallabone

"When we get the opportunity to walk beside some when they need a little support,  we get to share God's love. It's a really good feeling,  and in turn, we usually get back more than we give."

Steve Cass

"I have been blessed beyond measure by the way that God has used our Stephen Ministers to bring peace, comfort, and courage to those in a dark season of their life.  When people experiencing pain find a new normal where they can find both hope and joy is an amazing gift."

Mike Cannon

"I enjoy the spiritual fellowship among our Stephen ministers and those we give care to. "

Ann Frederick

"What I fell in love about this ministry was having the opportunity to share God's love with others, experiencing God's love, patience and forgiveness with others. Knowing and remembering God is with us through our darkest and lightest times. "

Andrea Muscatello

Mary Ann Cass

"Really the thing I love about the Stephen Ministry is walking along with someone who is journeying through a difficult season of life. I don’t have to have the answers, I just have to care enough to show up and be there for that person. "

Lynn Everett

"Two reasons that I love my work in Stephen Ministry are the relationships that I have made with my fellow Stephen Ministers and  the strengthening of my faith as I witness God's work when I am in the presence of a care receiver."

Lynda Bailey

"It takes courage for a person to share their hurts, their fears, and their anxieties. I am honored when my care receivers trust me and our Stephen Ministry relationship to open up and allow God to work through me. This is why we call ourselves "caregivers" and God is the "cure-giver."

Curtis Cox

"The most significant things about Stephen Ministry for me are the way the caregiver guides the care receiver to address and resolve their issues. We don’t solve them for the receiver, the receiver does it for themselves. We offer guidance and encouragement. Second is the monthly meeting. They keep us updated on what we can do to improve our service." 

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